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EDI/PX™ for Online EDI

You just landed that big customer. Great news. Now you have to comply with all of their requirements, like utilizing EDI for all business transactions. So…now what?

Meet that challenge head on with EDI/PX™ cloud-based EDI from 1EDISource . EDI/PX™ is the powerful EDI solution built for small business. You get an extensive array of features so you can do more, but it’s also cloud-based, simple to use and includes the world-class customer service and support of 1EDISource .

EDI/PX™: The EDI Solution Built for Small Business

EDI/PX™ gives your business the tools and resources to capitalize on all the benefits of doing business with EDI – more efficiency, more accurate orders, more access to information…not to mention complete compliance with trading partner requirements.

But unlike larger, more complex systems, EDI/PX™ is built to make these advantages a reality in the real-world of small business: it’s cloud-based, simple to use and includes our world-class support. You get:

  • A cloud-based EDI service that functions just like software, but 24/7 accessibility from any web browser.
  • A simple to use system, ideal for people with no previous EDI experience.
  • An EDI powerhouse that handles all major EDI transaction types, with a host of tools and features to control every task, every trading partner.

A Host of EDI Features So You Can Do More

EDI/PX™ is a robust and powerful EDI tool that helps you manage trading partners, transactions and tasks with ease.

Of course EDI/PX™ can exchange and translate all the common ANSI X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets, providing you with data in clean, easy-to-read formats. But that’s only the beginning. You also have the resources and tools to handle every aspect of your workflow, plus accurate shipments and so much more. EDI/PX™ supports:

  • Works with any type of operation – job shop vs. continuous flow, pick-and-pack vs. standard carton, etc.
  • Let’s you download data to import into your FedEx® or UPS® WorldShip® system.
  • Handles any type of shipment – shipments to a single location, multiple locations, even drop-shipments.
  • Supports Ship Destination Quantities (SDQ), breaking blanket POs into individual customer location orders.
  • Sends email alerts for any event at a trading partner or transaction level.

On top of all this, you also get the unparalleled service and support of 1EDISource . You get a dedicated EDI Consultant backed by a team of experts. Have questions? Need assistance? No problem. It’s all included at no additional charge.

Built with EDI Workflow Intelligence™ to Do More, More Easily

Thanks to the built-in Workflow Intelligence, EDI/PX™ helps you handle every step of the EDI workflow with ease, including orders, shipments and invoices.

1EDISource works with you to configure your system for each trading partner’s workflow. From there, EDI/PX™ can guide you every step of the way, making every task easier, and making sure nothing is missed. EDI/PX™:

  • Keeps every transaction in sync and on track within the workflow.
  • Sends email alerts every time a new order is received or when items are pending (or even past due).
  • Prevents you from bypassing transactions – no moving to the next step until the prior one is completed.

A Simple EDI Solution Accessible on the Web

ED/PX™ is built for small business. That means it’s ideal for people with minimal or no EDI experience…and lots of other things to do. It’s designed to be incredibly easy to use, even with all the advanced features. It starts with the summary Dashboard offering an array of widgets to let you see key transactions, news, events and more, every time you log in.

From there, everything is right where you need it, close at hand and easy to find. You have immediate and intuitive access to your tools, settings and functions from the trading partner level to the individual transaction level. Here’s a sampling of what you can do:

  • View the status of transactions for each trading partner in one place.
  • Download data from within a single transaction, or download multiple transactions at one time.
  • Create and configure alerts and other settings for each individual EDP/PX™ user’s preferences.
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