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EDI/HQ™ Integration Adapter for Exact JobBOSS Features

EDI/HQ™ with the Integration Adapter is an on-premise EDI solution that gives you complete control, and complete integration with your Exact JobBOSS job shop software.
Here’s what you get:
  • An installed EDI software solution designed specifically for simple and seamless integration with Exact JobBOSS – less manual entry of data, fewer errors, greater efficiency.
  • The superior design and robust functionality of EDI/HQ™ advanced EDI software:
    • Your entire operation is completely visible with the intuitive interface, a customizable summary Dashboard and SmartFilters for enhanced search of transactions and data.
    • Trading Partner set-up is automatic, and it’s easy to manage settings, transaction syntax and terminology.
    • Managing inbound and outbound data is a snap with real-time mapping, a side-by-side view of internal and external data, and the ability to process any file format.
    • Key events, tasks and errors are all under control with duplicate checking, business rule validation, error handling and automation.
    • EDI/HQ™ boasts an extensive array of features that sets it apart from other EDI software solutions.
  • Automatic checking of various data elements help to ensure consistency and accuracy between your Exact JobBOSS system and EDI transactions:
    • Address Checking – EDI/HQ™ detects new addresses not contained in your Exact JobBOSS tables, then alerts you.
    • Item Checking – Get an alert whenever new items are detected that aren’t in your Exact JobBOSS tables or when a customer orders an item with a new revision (engineering change) number.
    • Order Checking – With an inbound Purchase Order Change transaction (X12 860 or EDIFACT ORDCHG), the Integration Adapter can automatically update the sales order in Exact JobBOSS…or keep this feature turned off, if preferred.
    • Price Checking – Inbound purchase orders and shipping/release schedules are checked against your Exact JobBOSS price tables to verify accuracy.
    • Quantity Checking – EDI/HQ™ alerts you of item quantity changes on Shipping/Release Notifications from one week to the next so you can adjust your schedules.
  • Ability to easily edit and customize data maps as new trading partner demands arise. Maps are set up using pre-formatted XML files for each supported transaction type, which you can change as needed.

    The following EDI transactions are supported:

    • Planning and Shipping Schedules (X12 830 and 862 or EDIFACT DELFOR and DELJIT) – automatically get injected directly into the Exact JobBOSS Sales Order tables. When a revised Planning or Shipping Schedule transaction arrives each week, the existing orders get updated in Exact JobBOSS, and you are notified of any changes.
    • Purchase Orders (X12 850 or EDIFACT ORDER) – get directly injected into the appropriate Exact JobBOSS tables just as if someone had manually keyed the order, but without the risk of errors. Item quantities and prices are reflected on all reports and screens within your Exact JobBOSS system.
    • Purchase Order Change Requests (X12 860 or EDIFACT ORDCHG) – the Integration Adapter allows EDI/HQ™ to directly and automatically update existing sales orders (so long as they haven’t been picked from inventory). Get alerts when new 860s arrive.
    • Invoices (X12 810 or EDIFACT INVOIC) – extracted directly from Exact JobBOSS once the order moves to the history tables.
    • Purchase Order Acknowledgements (X12 855 or EDIFACT ORDRSP) – get extracted from your Exact JobBOSS system. Schedule this to occur at the same time each day, so you can review the day’s new orders and make changes before the Acknowledgement is generated.
    • Shipping Notices (X12 856 or EDIFACT DESADV) – can be extracted directly from the Exact JobBOSS system whenever GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) labels are not required. When these labels are a requirement, use the available ASN Complete Module with EDI/HQ™ (required) to collect the necessary information for generating the ASN.
  • Support for multiple instances of Exact JobBOSS, ideal for organizations with both a test and production environment.
  • Automatic acknowledgement of orders as they move through your Exact JobBOSS sales order process.
For job shops running Exact JobBOSS, EDI/HQ™ with the Integration Adapter is the right EDI solution. That’s because it provides complete control over your EDI operation AND works seamlessly with your Exact JobBOSS system. Of course, you also get the unparalleled support of 1EDISource. Let our EDI experts help you make it happen. Contact 1EDISource to schedule a demonstration.
If you are looking for a simple and elegant way to manage secure communications via the AS2 protocol, 1EDISource has the answer. AS2 Complete, our full-featured AS2 software, makes it easy to create and manage certificates, data encryption and decryption and more. Download a free AS2 Complete trial now, or contact 1EDISource to discuss a complete outsourced solution.

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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