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EDI/HQ™ Software Features

There's a reason we call our EDI software EDI/HQ™. It serves as your EDI headquarters, putting you in the driver's seat to monitor and manage every aspect of your EDI operation. We've combined the major EDI software components together in one complete solution, with an easy-to-use interface and a variety of features that makes EDI/HQ one of the most powerful EDI software solutions available. 

EDI/HQ™ was developed by the experts at 1EDISource who use this software every day to manage EDI operations for others. And it shows. Simply put, no other EDI software gives you so much, does so much,and lets you do so much.



EDI/HQ™ gives you access to your entire EDI operation, so you can monitor and manage your data, workflow, integration, trading partners... everything.

  • Intuitive Interface: EDI/HQ™ is designed with a simple, easily-understood GUI that puts you first and your entire operation at your fingertips.
  • Summary Dashboard: Your home base is your Dashboard, which provides a quick glance at key data, errors or other events. Choose from available Dashboard widgets and customize them so you see what matters most to you.
  • SmartFilters: Finding specific transactions is easy. Everything is searchable with an almost endless set of criteria. Then, save commonly used filters for future searches.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting: Build an unlimited number of reports from your EDI data, transaction history, and trading partner configuration information housed in your EDI software. Ad-hoc reporting puts the power of data right in your hands, allowing you to monitor and assess the EDI data that’s most important to your operations.

System Integration

EDI/HQ™ is designed for full compatibility with most backend systems, including ERP, warehouse management, accounting and other business system software.

  • Real-time Mapping: Map your data from real transactions on the fly, and see the results as you go. No need for the "compile, test, compile, re-test" approach of other systems.
  • Any Format: EDI/HQ™ can process virtually any file format - EDI, XML, delimited and fixed length, including any-to-any or direct SQL integration with ODBC-compliant data sources.
  • "View EDI Data" Window: View both sides of your data at the same time - in your internal format and in the appropriate external format, side-by-side.
  • SmartFilters: Finding specific transactions is easy. Everything is searchable with an almost endless set of criteria. Then, save commonly used filters for future searches.


EDI/HQ™ does more to keep you aware when things go wrong or key events occur, so you can take immediate action…or not. We’ve made it easy to set up and maintain communications.

  • Alerts: Every time an error or other key event occurs, EDI/HQ™ notifies you via email or SMS text message. You can even set your alerts to notify you of particular events or activities.
  • Functional Acknowledgements: EDI/HQ™ handles Functional Acknowledgement generation and reconciliation, notifying your trading partners when you receive a transaction from them, awaiting acknowledgments when you send one, and alerting you if this doesn’t happen.
  • Logging: EDI/HQ™ maintains a complete log of every transaction for every trading partner so you can review the entire history. Print your logs for offline archiving.


EDI/HQ™ lets you manage by exception, handling key events and tasks with the ability to recognize problems and informing you when they occur so you can take action.

  • Error Handling: EDI/HQ™ recognizes errors and stops them before they are transmitted or mapped, then alerts you via email or SMS text message.
  • Duplicate Checking: EDI/HQ™ verifies the ISA control number of each transaction, and compares each document to previous ones, to ensure you don’t send or receive the same one twice.
  • Business Rule Validation: If you receive a transaction that refers to parameters not set up in your system, such as a new item number, EDI/HQ™ stops it and alerts you so you can take action.
  • Automation: EDI/HQ™ lets you specify schedule, file- or database-based events to trigger automated processes and other critical events. Set alerts to notify you when this happens, or add a widget to your Dashboard.

Trading Partner Compliance

Managing trading partners so you always comply with their requirements is a constant challenge. EDI/HQ™ makes compliance easy and complete.

  • Automatic Trading Partner Set-up: New trading partners are set up automatically in EDI/HQ™, with a single inbound or outbound transaction.
  • Functional Acknowledgement Handling: EDI/HQ™ automatically handles set-up, transmission and reconciliation of 997 and 999 acknowledgement transactions.
  • Managing Settings: EDI/HQ™ gives you the tools to manage mapping, validation, FA reconciliation and error handling at the system level, trading partner level or document type level.
  • Managing Syntax: The built-in Validation Engine in EDI/HQ™ ensures the proper syntax of all inbound and outbound transactions.
  • Managing Terminology: Advanced Data Conversion Tools let you manage how specific terms or other variables in inbound and outbound data are replaced with your own terms, and vice versa. (For example, convert “30” into “Net 30” and back again.)

EDI/HQ™ is a multi-threaded application optimized for multi-processor hardware for maximum speed and efficiency. 

Need a simpler solution? Check out EDI/PX, our premium web-based EDI solution. Or, let us handle your EDI operation for you, with 1EDI OutSource solutions. Contact 1EDISource to learn more about our full range of available software and services.

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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