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EDI/HQ™ Components

With EDI/HQ™ EDI software, managing your EDI tasks has never been easier, more efficient or more effective. To start, we have joined three major EDI software components in one complete and powerful EDI solution – no need to purchase separate components. You get:
  • EDI Translation – EDI/HQ™ manages all aspects of sending and receiving transactions.
  • Data Mapping and Integration – EDI/HQ™ gives you the tools to easily map inbound and outbound EDI data, and seamlessly integrates with your back-end system.
  • Data Management – EDI/HQ™ provides total access to your EDI data for management reporting and decision making.

EDI/HQ™ puts these functions right at your fingertips and serves up a host of stunning features, so you can manage the process with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

EDI Translation

EDI/HQ handles EDI translation with ease, ensuring that transactions are verified and validated, and automatically generating and reconciling Acknowledgments (997 and 999 transactions). All common EDI transaction set standards are supported (X12, EDIFACT, VICS and UCS) as well as all common communications protocols (FTP, FTPs, sFTP and AS2). EDI/HQ™ is built with superior intelligence to ensure your transactions are accurate, every single time.

New trading partners are set up automatically with a single inbound or outbound transaction. Complying with their requirements is easy and accurate. Simple tools let you customize settings to meet each trading partner’s specifications, ensure the correct syntax of all transactions, and more.

EDI/HQ™ also recognizes and stops errors and duplicate transactions before they are transmitted, then alerts you. You can also schedule EDI/HQ™ to run critical processes and events automatically, so you can focus on other tasks.


Data Mapping and Integration - Map EDI Data Faster with the New Mapping Tool

Integration with business system software is critical to operational efficiency. EDI/HQ™ takes it all in stride, making integration easy and nearly flawless. To begin, EDI/HQ™ is compatible with most backend software packages, including business, ERP, warehouse, accounting and related systems.

Mapping is a snap with the real-time mapping feature – apply data from real transactions, seeing the results as you go. Once it’s mapped, your data is fully viewable in your internal format and the appropriate external format, side-by-side.

EDI/HQ™ can process virtually any format: EDI, XML, delimited, fixed-length, any-to-any and direct SQL injection or extraction. 

Generation 3 Map Designer and Mapping Engine
This feature-packed tool offers dozens of advanced EDI mapping capabilities to enhance the user’s overall EDI software experience. As an added value, 1 EDI Source will offer free upgrades to the Generation 3 Map Designer and Mapping Engine for existing EDI/HQ clients and automatic conversion of existing outbound maps.

Like the rest of EDI/HQ, the new map designer is written completely in Microsoft.NET for maximum performance and 64-bit support. With the newly designed interface, users can customize their view to show as much or as little detail as they want. In addition, 1 EDI Source’s user acceptance testing data reveals that the new map designer and mapping engine allows EDI/HQ clients to build maps much faster than with previous versions. Testing results also indicate that the speed of EDI data processing has significantly increased with the Generation 3 Mapping Engine.

Data Management

Every day, businesses exchange information via EDI, creating a wealth of electronic data. If only they could access and use that data, searching, reviewing and analyzing it for trends and decision making.

With EDI/HQ™, your EDI data is at your fingertips, completely accessible and usable. Search for specific transactions using a nearly endless set of criteria with SmartFilters. Then view your data, headers, errors and more, with a single click. With EDI/HQ™, your data becomes a valuable asset at every level of your organization.

EDI/HQ™ also offers complete logging and reporting capabilities, for full archiving and historical review.

Ad-Hoc Reporting
Our Ad-hoc reporting enhancement allows users to build a nearly unlimited number of reports from EDI data, transaction history and trading partner configuration information housed in the EDI software. With this advanced feature, you can:

  • Build custom reports using nearly any piece of EDI data, transaction history and trading partner configuration information housed in the EDI software.
  • Get the data most important to your business by using SmartFilters to run nearly unlimited reporting combinations.
  • Choose to create reports manually or automate your report development and, with just a few clicks, email, print or add the information to your EDI software dashboard.

Ad-hoc reporting puts the power of data right in your hands and allows you to monitor and assess the EDI data that’s most important to your operations.

Managing the Process

EDI/HQ™ changes the model of EDI software. Instead of a mysterious black box, EDI/HQ™ gives you full visibility and access into your EDI workflow.

With EDI/HQ™ you can monitor and manage your data, your workflow, your integration, your trading partners…everything, right in front of you, right where you need it.

Your home base is a summary Dashboard, providing an overview of key data, errors and other events. Then, the smart design ensures that it’s easy to get around and that everything is close at hand. Plus, the innovative “View EDI Window” lets you see your EDI data like never before.

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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