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EDI Validation

Are your trading partners EDI-compliant…really? Too often, their EDI transactions do not properly adhere to standards or other required business rules. This can cause problems for you, reducing efficiency and productivity.

1 EDI Source can help with our EDI Validation service. We can serve as a virtual “EDI filter” between you and your trading partners, verifying their data, catching and resolving errors before they reach you.

Let 1EDISource Ensure Inbound Data Accuracy

You set up a complete EDI Implementation Guide, detailing the proper standards, protocols and business rules for your EDI trading partners. But the data you receive is often laden with errors.

You can continue to instruct (and you should). But ultimately, you are losing valuable time and efficiency – all the things EDI is intended to address in the first place.

What to do?

Call us at 1.877.334.9650. With our EDI Validation service, we act as a gatekeeper, providing you with clean, accurate data every time.

Coordination through Communication

Routing your inbound data through 1EDISource means we can scan every document. We’ll catch errors in standards or other business rules before they reach you. But that’s only the start.

We will also provide detailed reports to the sender of the data, in addition to standard Functional Acknowledgements, so they are aware and can address the problem. Virtually any report format is possible, including 864 Text Messages. We keep you in the loop, too, with periodic scorecards of trading partner performance.

Solving Problems Together

As part of your EDI Validation Service, 1EDISource can act as your EDI help desk, on call to help your vendors and other trading partners.Your trading partners can call us to work through errors. We’ll give them the same unparalleled service you expect from 1EDISource. No big call center, no waiting in a queue. Just personal, expert service and support to get the issue resolved fast.

Let 1EDISource help you reduce inbound errors, and the lost time and efficiency they can cause. Contact us today to discuss EDI Validation services for your organization.

If you are challenged with low compliance among your vendor base, 1EDISource can help. With our Vendor Coordination services, we can implement a comprehensive on-boarding program for you, for maximum compliance and performance.

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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