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Customer Survey - 201202 - Technology Questionnaire

In an effort to continue to provide new solutions and advanced features, 1EDISource has assembled a quick survey with regards to the technology that you, our clients, are using in conjunction with your 1EDISource software/solution.

Your Company:
1. What other software or services besides your 1EDISource solution do you use to assist in doing business with your trading partners?

Examples: UPS WorldShip, a Warehouse Management System (WMS), built-in functionality in your ERP/Accounting system
2. How do you currently send Purchase Orders to your Suppliers?

Examples: EDI, Manually order from their websites, fax/email from our backend system, manually via fax or email
3. What additional functionality or services would you like to see from 1EDISource?

Examples: Web Services, HL7
4. How would you describe your level of integration/automation? Please explain.

Examples: Seemless and completely automated, to partially manual, to completely manual.
5. Are you planning on migrating to a new ERP/Accounting system or upgrading your existing ERP/Accounting system this year? Please explain.

Page Title: 1EDISource - Customer Survey 201202