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Who Likes Change

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who likes change?

Prior to using EDI, you probably received orders through direct mail or Email in a nice, readable format. You could print the Emails and manually enter the orders into your order management system. But now you are forced into using EDI to keep pace with your customers. And those EDI transactions look nothing like those simple Emails! So if change is inevitable, what can you do? How can you have the best of both worlds with minimum changes? Look no further than EDI/HQ.

There are numerous file formats in use today. Your day-to-day business processes probably use one or more of these formats. To name several, we have: MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, and XML. To support these popular choices, EDI/HQ's built-in report generator offers file save-as formats covering those listed and more. This flexibility lets you control which document format to use rather than being forced into a specific format.

But what can you do if you want the actual EDI transactions converted into an easy-to-read yet more secure type of format such as PDF? Here again, EDI/HQ's mapper gives you that control! All you need is a PDF printer installed on your computer. The mapper can provide the file layout that you're comfortable with and generate the PDF output file as part of the mapping process. The PDF files can be opened by your data entry people and/or printed to paper, allowing you to maintain your normal business procedures.

So who likes change? If you're one who doesn't, then look at the benefits of using EDI/HQ in your business. EDI/HQ adapts to EDI changes so you don't have to.

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