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Updates to the 837 Healthcare Claim Companion Guides MA-HIPAA-PAPROMISE

Monday, August 08, 2011

The department has updated the Pennsylvania PROMISe™ Companion Guides for the ANSI X12 v5010 837 Healthcare Claims. The affected companion guides are:

837 - Dental
837 - Institutional - Inpatient
837 - Institutional - Long Term Care
837 - Institutional - Outpatient
837 - Professional
837 - Professional - Drug

The companion guides were updated as follows:

7/2011 – Updated loop 1000A to remove note that PROMISe™ does not use PER segment. Although the data is not used, loop 1000A PER segment is required for a compliant transaction.

Updated loop 2010BB to indicate PROMISe™ does not use the Payer Address Segments in Loop 2010BB.

The updated Companion Guides can be located at this website:


Thank You,

PROMISe™ 5010/D.0 Communication Team

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