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US Foodservice EDI

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

US Foodservice has been working for sometime on improving how EDI is managed with our Trading Partners to provide benefit to all parties. We continue to see a few issues related to following the specifications although some were not outlined as required, the expectation on our part was they were following standards and should have been addressed.

So at this time we request everyone review the updated attached specifications and ensure your EDI process is compliant with them. We have listed below some of the issues that show up during our compliance checking as the translation jobs are processed.

In addition to the new specifications we have included our current DUN’s listing for your review.

EDI Invoice 810: (Compliance check will be active on June 14th)

- Do not send any Purchase Order numbers that are not in compliance:
· (Samples, a person’s name is not acceptable and can not be processed)
- To ensure a smooth process we expect a one to one relationship:
· (One invoice per Purchase Order, make sure customer service understands this.)
- Follow the compliance on all qualifiers as examples do not send “UA”, specifications are “UK” and the length is fourteen.

EDI Invoice 850:
- Please review specifications and ensure you do not change an item code when returning the 855 that has not been communicated.

EDI Invoice 855:
- Do not send any Purchase Order numbers that are not in compliance: · (Samples, a person’s name is not acceptable and can not be processed)
- Cost must be returned zero is acceptable in certain conditions but must have an updated 855 sent.
- Dates: DTM and TD5 work together so verify what is sent, we expect the confirmation dates to correspond to the Purchase order date either delivered or Pick-up it does provide any value to USF when you release the product.
- Qualifiers must follow the specifications for all EDI documents.
- Review SAC codes for proper use.
- UOM must follow specifications for correct identifier.

EDI Functional Acknowledgement 997:
- Information is provided in the specifications to explain why an 810 or 855 would be rejected.
- Must be returned with-in two hours to ensure all processes have been handled.

Download EDI Specification Document:
EDI Specifications Document

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