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Tracking Your Documents with EDI/PX

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Did you know that EDI/PX™ can keep track of the documents you have sent out?

1 EDI Source has the solution to your Web-Based needs with EDI. EDI/PX™ is our Web-Based EDI tool. It also includes an easy to use Cloud-Based Service. When using EDI/PX, the client will now be able to tell if any or all transactions have been sent to the Trading Partner. Also, PX will show them the transactions they are looking for, without making for long, difficult searches.

Have you ever been unsure if you sent out all the Invoices? With EDI/PX you will not have to worry anymore. EDI/PX lets you know if you sent Acknowledgements, Advance Ship Notices, and Invoices. It will also tell you if it was just a partial shipment or partial invoice.

When you sign onto EDI/PX, the screen displays all this information for each Purchase Order. If you want to see what you shipped, it will take you to your Advanced Ship Notice with the click of a button. No more searching through documents to find the one you are looking for. EDI/PX makes it easy for you, therefore making your Company run more efficiently. At 1 EDI Source we try to make everything as easy as possible for everyone.

EDI/PX also gives you a dedicated consultant. That consultant will be there for the implementation, the testing, and will still be there for any questions you will have in the future. If you have a dedicated consultant and are not on EDI/PX, you can learn more about how simple it is to migrate your Trading Partners to EDI/PX, call your consultant today. If you would like to have your own dedicated consultant, please contact us today at 1-877-EDI-1EDI or on the web at http://www.1EDISource.com.

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