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The Importance of Year End Maintenance Tasks

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Like keeping up with regular maintenance on your vehicle so it operates with the high level of performance and reliability as when it rolled off the assembly line floor, it’s recommended to perform some maintenance tasks on your EDI system.

Items we consider for review:

• We start by checking if there is old data in archive folders that can be purged to free up hard disk space. As you perform your daily processing, a copy of your inbound EDI files and your outbound application files are normally stored in an archive folder (For EDI Complete… \Program Files\EDI Complete Archive, or For EDI/HQ...\ProgramData\1 EDI Source\EDI HQ\{Datasource Name}\Archive). Also, old files from your outbound communications archives, commonly AS2 and FTP, can be purged.

• We check if there is EDI data that can be moved to the Archive data source to increase performance when filtering or reporting on EDI data. As you perform your daily processing, a copy of all your EDI data and application data is stored in the EDI Complete or EDI/HQ database. Archiving this data will decrease the response time when using the View EDI Data screen.

• We discuss your business needs and determine if there is reporting that is applicable to your system that is not being utilized. We can setup email processes to send these generated reports to a recipient list.

• We discuss the new features of EDI/HQ, if EDI Complete is the current system, which can be utilized if an upgrade is performed, and offer a migration plan to transfer the EDI Complete data to a new EDI/HQ system.

• We check if the most current version of EDI Complete or EDI/HQ is being utilized, and upgrade to take advantage of the newest features and product coding.

• We review the current mapping and trading partner setups to determine if best practice procedures are being used and offer streamlining solutions which can cut down on processing time.

Please contact your 1 EDI Source consultant to tune your system to run with peak performance as it was when you “went live” with your first trading partner!

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