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The 832 - What Is It

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

What is the 832 EDI Transaction Set?

The 832 EDI transaction set is known as a sales catalog. The EDI 832 sales catalog transaction is frequently exchanged between manufacturers and retailers. Manufacturers rely on EDI 832 sales catalogs to send vital product information to retailers with whom they do business. The 832 document conveys product information and prices.

In order to expedite the EDI 832 sales catalog documents, you can integrate the receipt and processing of 832 documents right into your purchasing software. Integrating the flow of information from an 832 catalog into a company’s purchasing or ERP system is easily handled using EDI/HQ Software.

A fully integrated 832 sales catalog will allow you to seamlessly maintain an updated catalog of information from your suppliers. The EDI 832 provides information that your customers need before they even begin to place an order. Key information contained in the EDI 832 sales catalog like number of items per container and minimum order quantities provides the customer with information to be used in the ordering process.

An example of how the 832 EDI Sales Catalog is used would be if you needed a vendor’s product information updated periodically in your purchasing system. You could arrange with your vendor to update this information daily, weekly, monthly, etc. by sending an 832 Sales Catalog to you via EDI. Your system would then be updated with any changes in items (i.e. prices, descriptions) or any new items that need to be added to your system.

If the 832 EDI Sales Catalog is something that you would like to implement, or if you are interested in finding out more about the 832 transaction, please contact 1EDI Source and speak to one of our EDI Solutions Consultants.

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