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One Step Reporting in EDI/HQ™

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Did you know that setting up an automated report e-mail is a one step process in EDI/HQ™? As 1 EDI Source, Inc. has evolved as a company, finding better and more efficient ways to get the same tasks done, our software has also. There are numerous examples within EDI/HQ™ that show the efficient and simplified manner in which it thrives. Setting up automated report e-mail is an excellent example of EDI/HQ™’s advancement. With a few clicks of the mouse and taps of the keyboard, you can have EDI/HQ™ generate a report to your specifications, export it to a file, and have it e-mailed to you. All of these options are customizable, such as time span for the report, or a type of file format to export it as, or even sending it to multiple e-mail addresses at once. EDI/HQ™ has benefited from the decades of EDI experience built up between its developers, and paired with suggestions from you, the user, on what you want to see in your EDI software.

You will find that every aspect of EDI/HQ™ has been built to work more efficiently, and to be more customizable than any product on the market today. Being e-mailed a daily report on all of your EDI transactions, whether they have been acknowledged by your trading partners, or whether there are errors to be addressed, is an excellent and important part of taking care of your EDI. The fact that this important information can be configured in mere minutes demonstrates why EDI/HQ™ can be such a powerful and useful part of your business.

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