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Notification of United Stationers/Azerty IP Address Update

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dear Trading Partner,

On Saturday, April 30th, we will be migrating our various internet facing systems used to communicate with us to a new subnet and IP address range. Please plan changes as required to your firewalls or systems which may utilize IP addresses for its operation prior to this change. The new IPs should be added to your access lists or firewall rules, and the old IP address should not be removed from your systems until after Saturday, April 30th. Also, the DR/Backup IPs should be allowed in the event we need to active them. This required upgrade is being made to update an older infrastructure. Please see the new IP addresses below.

You also have the option of allowing these two USSCo networks rather than the individual endpoint IPs shown below:

The primary USSCo Production network is

The DR/Backup/Pre-Production/Stage USSCo network is

For reference, the existing old network IPs are below, and these are what will be changing:

Listed below are the various web-enabled and electronic commerce applications you may be using, and the information about the new IP addresses:




- (Production)

- (DR/Backup)




- (Production)

- (DR/Backup)

eLink to Mailbox



- (Production)

- (DR/Backup)

FTP and SFTP to Mailbox


ftp.ussco.com & sftp.ussco.com

- (Production)

- (DR/Backup)


United Stationers

Customer Technical Support


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