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Map Designer Tip - Mapping Operator Tabs Help Save Valuable Time

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There is more than meets the eye regarding the operators in the Map Designer. When utilizing the mapping feature, you can add many different operators to transform your data in both inbound and outbound transactions. These operators are used to manipulate your data.

There are four tabs available to use in the operator selection in the map designer. The “All” tab is an alphabetic listing of the operators. The “Categorized” tab includes all the operators in a categorized listing. The “Favorites” tab is blank until operators are added by the user. If there are certain operators that you use frequently, you may want to consider adding them to the “Favorites” tab. The last tab is “Recent”. This tab shows the twenty most recently used operators.

These tabs can help you save valuable time when mapping. For instance, if you are using 2 different operators on each data element, then the “Recent” tab will list those two elements at the, making it easy to grab them from there instead of searching in the “All” or “Categorized” tabs.

For more information on using the Map Designer, contact one of our highly qualified and helpful EDI Consultants!

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