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EDI for Transcripts for Colleges and Universities

Monday, May 10, 2010

EDI for Transcripts allows colleges and universities to transfer transcripts electronically via EDI.

1 EDI Source, Inc. has worked with Colleges and Universities from the beginning! 1 EDI Source worked closely with Ontario, Canada’s Ontario College Application Services (OCAS) on the review and modification of EDI specifications during their pilot project. 1 EDI Source was one of the first EDI providers to successfully complete the pilot testing program for both College and University transcripts. Since then, 1 EDI Source has assisted multiple Colleges and Universities with their EDI implementations and system integrations.

Why 1 EDI Source?
1 EDI Source has over 20 years experience in EDI and has worked extensively with colleges and universities in the US and Canada.

An experienced EDI consultant will be available to assist and guide you through your project. No more waiting on the phone with a help desk. Your individually-assigned consultant will be with you all the way!

EDI for Transcripts is a TRUE translator, supporting all transactions sets and versions, including the 130 (Student Educational Record (Transcript)) and the 146 (Request for Student Educational Record (Transcript)). It also validates all transactions using the ANSI X12 standards!

EDI for Transcripts will reduce or eliminate data entry time and improve accuracy.

With EDI for Transcripts you will have the ability to search any part of the transcript data. For example, say you would like a listing of all transcripts received within the current month. Simply enter the date range and you have the report. It’s that easy. EDI for Transcripts can be configured to send alerts to your e-mail or through a text message.

No more search through file cabinets for the students’ transcript information; through the EDI for Transcripts repository, it will be at the tips of your fingers!

Does your application have the ability to print transcripts? If not, then EDI for Transcripts from 1 EDI Source has a built in application that provides the ability to search and print the transcripts. As part of the inbound procedure, transcripts can even be sent directly to the printer upon receipt.

How will 1 EDI Source assist you? We will be with you every step of the way!
Required Transcript-Related Transactions Sets:
146 – Request for Student Educational Record
147 – Response to Request for Student Educational Record
130 – Student Educational Record (Transcript)
131 – Student Educational Record (Transcript) Acknowledgment
Hubs in Ontario:
OCAS – Ontario College Application Services
OUAC – Ontario Universities’ Application Centre

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