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EDI WebSource Client Spotlight - netTALK INC

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

If you are still unclear as to whether or not using 1 EDI Source EDI WebSource is the right EDI solution for your business, ask yourself the following two questions: Do I want an integral business function within my company supported by a team of dedicated experts? Do I want an affordable solution that doesn’t cut into my bottom line? If the answer to both questions is yes, then the choice is clear. Let us make EDI easy.

netTALK.COM INC is an example of a company that came to us with a clear goal; to command a clear presence in their respective market. They are taking advantage of our easy-to-use web screens in order to quickly process orders from multiple trading partners. When shipping to trading partners, integrating the required GS1-128 carton labels into the process can often times be a daunting task.

Our EDI WebSource solution removes the laborious process and transforms printing labels into a streamlined function. With the simple click of a button, netTalk is able to efficiently print hundreds of unique carton labels. The annoyance of duplicate labels or incorrect information being printed on the labels is nonexistent.

At 1EDI Source, we recognize that additional customization is often necessary for clients to fully integrate EDI data into their backend information systems as a reliable business process. In addition to their EDI WebSource solution, netTalk currently takes advantage of our customization services by extracting a comma-separated text file from a dedicated FTP site that we host. The text file contains purchase order information, which in turn arms netTalk with the ability to data mine all of the purchase orders that they receive. The information can not only be used to determine questions such as what product is being sold the most and where, but it also can be utilized as pick ticket information to aid the warehouse in managing the orders.

netTALK.COM INC continues to experience reliable, and streamlined performance from their EDI WebSource solution as they continue to add new trading partners. It does not matter whether you operate a sole proprietorship or the size of your company spans 5,000 employees. 1EDI Source will work with you to implement the perfect solution for your business.

“netTALK.COM INC has been using 1EDI Source’s EDI WebSource solution for just under six months. Within that short time we have been able to successfully drive our product directly into the distribution centers and stores of seven major retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our goal was to find a solution that was not only cost effective, but also capable of growing with our expanding business needs. 1EDI Source has been dedicated throughout the entire process, helping us achieve these goals with their superior customer service. Having a dedicated consultant that is familiar with our account, and understands our business needs is a highly valued asset to us. We can depend on having up front, reliable answers to our questions.”

--N. Kyriakides VP, Product & Consumer Operations

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