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EDI/HQ Client Spotlight - Faultless Starch

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Originally working with 1 EDI Source’s EDI Complete and AS2 Complete software, Faultless Starch needed to continue effectively managing the needs of its various trading partners. The updated version of EDI Complete, EDI/HQ™, continues to provide automation of manual EDI processes and offers convenient and rapid invoicing along with a variety of new benefits.

About Faultless Starch
The Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company is a privately owned business whose principal enterprise is manufacturing and marketing laundry, household cleaning products, air care, and lawn & garden products, to consumer and commercial markets. The company headquarters, manufacturing plant, research laboratory, and distribution center are located in Kansas City, MO.

Faultless Starch works with a wide range of trading partners – including Wal-Mart, Target and various grocers. With such high transaction volumes, the manufacturing company wanted to eliminate manual EDI processes and offer faster invoicing to its trading partners.

Faultless Starch has used three different EDI solutions from different vendors and has struggled to acquire the desired user control, capabilities and ease of use. The company was looking for improved solution efficiency, increased user visibility and a faster solution overall.

Faultless Starch decided to switch from EDI Complete to EDI/HQ software in 2010. Upon implementation of EDI/HQ and continued use of AS2 Complete, solution efficiency and speed have improved. In addition, communications have been streamlined to eliminate costs such as value-added networks (VANs).

EDI staff can now access raw data and open multiple windows to view EDI transaction details. This has improved user visibility. Faultless Starch’s team also can rely on 1 EDI Source’s experienced team of consultants to address questions regarding EDI/HQ functionality and trading partner requirements.

The software upgrade to EDI/HQ proved to be a valuable change for Faultless Starch. The ability to receive complete EDI translation, data mapping and integration, plus data management in one solution improves business efficiency, visibility and speed.

“1 EDI Source’s EDI/HQ and AS2 software provide optimal user control and are the easiest solutions that I have worked with to date,” said Andrew Barresi, EDI Coordinator, Faultless Starch. “1 EDI Source provides wonderful client service and goes out of its way to meet and exceed our needs.”

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