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EDI - Who Makes the Standards Anyway

Thursday, September 13, 2012

If you happen to be new to the world of Electronic Data Interchange, chances are the documents you are being introduced to are the more popular document standards. Documents with names like 850 and 810, or 856. The 850 and 810 documents have been a part of business for years. They are also known as the Purchase Order and the Invoice, respectively. The Purchase Order and the Invoice are, obviously, still used in businesses every day. However, they look different in this technology driven world than they did in the past. Who, exactly, made the change and where should you turn for help to make sense of these new documents?

In the mid-1960’s a group of railroad companies concerned with the exchange of inter-company transportation data, organized a committee to study the problem. The group, known as the Transportation Data Coordinating Committee, developed translation rules between existing transportation industry standards. The first TDCC standard was published in 1975.

After receiving a charter from the American National Standards Institute in 1979, the TDCC received its second name change, from the Electronic Data Interchange Association to its current incarnation as the ANSI X12 Committee, known more popularly as The Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ASC X12). It is this committee which is responsible for creating the document standards exchanged by North American businesses across industries today.

Electronic Data Interchange is an emergent system, constantly being monitored, evaluated and updated. While there is a core group who lead the ANSI X12 committee, participation is open to any organization or person who has an interest in partnering to create standards-based transmission of business information. 1 EDI Source, Inc. is a participating member of the ANSI X12 committee. As decisions are being made concerning electronic business document standards, 1 EDI Source, Inc. is intimately involved in the process.

While you are evaluating the best way to enter into EDI-enabled business, it is important to gain knowledge and advice from those who have a solid foundation in the industry. Over 20 years of experience helping businesses meet their EDI goals, combined with the daily involvement in the future directions of EDI, makes 1 EDI Source, Inc. a strong candidate as an EDI partner for your organization.

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