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Create a Company Implementation Guide

Thursday, March 29, 2012

If you know the main functions of your company’s ERP system, and the associated data, then let 1 EDI Source assist you in building an Implementation Guide for the business functions, with the largest number of transactions. It helps your trading partner if the transactions have a defined purpose, as it is used with your company - for instance, how invoices are reconciled to Purchase Orders for payment, or how shipments are monitored, or how they affect the supplier rating.

EDI, by design, was intended to reduce or eliminate the manual processing of documents. Developing an Implementation Guide, based on the transactions with the greatest volume, will reduce your cost of document processing.

1 EDI Source can assist you in developing professional documents that your trading partners will appreciate. The investment in EDI Implementation Guides demonstrates to your trading partners, both customers and suppliers, that your company understands the value of EDI. Testing and development times are reduced, since both parties in the business relationship are using the same documentation.

The Implementation Guide should contain:
1) The structure for each EDI transaction currently supported.
2) The Sender qualifier and ID that identifies your company.
3) An EDI contact list
4) The delimiters used to define EDI transactions (element, segment, sub-element, and repetition separator)
5) The type(s) of communication protocol, currently supported by your company (FTP, AS2, VAN).

Implementation Guides can be delivered in various electronic forms, via e-mail distribution, or stored on a Web site, to be accessed by new and existing trading partners.

1 EDI Source can recommend best practices, communication protocols, and other world class products to improve your business relationships. Call us today to learn more!

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