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Changes to Kmart PO Change Notifications

Monday, July 06, 2009

NOTE: The following notice only applies to Sears Holdings vendors who are shipping to Kmart locations.

- - - - Attention Kmart Vendors - - - - (This email is being sent to the EDI contacts we have listed for your company.)

*** PLEASE ensure that this email is forwarded to the person(s) responsible for EDI within your organization. ***

Effective August 5th 2009, Kmart will NO LONGER send the email PO change notification for any purchase orders originally sent via EDI. Instead Kmart will be sending the EDI 860 PO Change document in place of the current email ‘pdf’ attachment. IN ADDITION, we will now be capable of sending PO changes for ‘direct to store’ orders. We will not be asking that you complete any additional EDI testing for this new document, but you should prepare your EDI system to receive the additional transaction beginning August 5th. Please use the attached 860 sample to perform your own internal testing.

This change is being implemented to help simplify the PO Change process and provide one common process for communicating these changes across all of Sears Holdings.

The EDI 860 document will be sent to you from the Kmart/Sears Holdings qualifier/ID of 08 – 9254291001 (which is the same ID orders are sent from).

The EDI specs for the 860 document can be found at: www.mysearshc.com>Vendor Guides & Reference>Additional Guides & Reference>EDI Guidelines-version 4010.

*** PLEASE ensure that this email is forwarded to the person(s) responsible for EDI within your organization. ***

As with any other EDI document we send, an EDI 997-Functional Acknowledgement is required to be sent back within 48 hours.

NOTE: Please do not reply directly to this email. If you have any additional questions, please forward this email and your questions to searsedi@searshc.com.

Thank You,
Sears Holdings EDI Team

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