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Cardinal/Kinray Integration 08/01/11 - EDI Notification

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Valued Suppliers:

The Cardinal-Kinray integration is scheduled to be effective as of Monday 08/01/11. This communication is specifically for EDI-related items. If you do not currently trade EDI documents with Kinray, please disregard this notice. If you are not the appropriate contact for this communication, please forward as necessary. If your Company is an existing Cardinal Supplier that does not trade with Kinray, you can disregard this notice. Also, please accept out apologies for any duplicate receipts of this message.

Please see the attached communication from Neil Warren, VP, Industry and Supplier Relations, sent 07/22/11, for specific business details.

The Kinray Location ID traded in the N104 elements will be PK0070297. This will be in effect through 08/12/11, after which date a new DEA# will be used. Notifications will be sent with this new ID prior to then.

There will be no EDI traffic from Kinray to Suppliers after 07/31/11. You should not receive any documents from the Kinray ID after this date, with the exception of requested resends.

In some cases, as noted below, depending on outstanding items, it may be necessary to submit the same transaction set for Kinray activity to both Kinray and Cardinal. For those of you that cannot accommodate two EDI IDs for the same Location ID, please submit the Kinray-directed items via hard-copy or FAX. EDI traffic to Kinray will not be accepted after 09/30/11.

For existing Cardinal Trading Partners that also trade with Kinray
All EDI Sender/Receiver ID’s will remain the same as currently used between Cardinal and your Company.

Kinray will be included as an additional Cardinal location in all currently traded documents, with the above DEA# Identifier, in the N104 element. There will be no changes in existing Cardinal mapping for either inbound or outbound documents.

1. 850 Purchase Orders – from Cardinal to Supplier: The first PO’s will begin from Cardinal as of 08/01/11 activity. Prior to that, PO’s will continue to be sent from Kinray.

2. 810 Invoices – from Supplier to Cardinal: Invoices should be submitted to the same location from which the corresponding 850 PO was received. For PO’s received from Kinray through 07/31/11, please submit the Invoices to the Kinray ID; for those received from Cardinal as of 08/01/11, please submit the Invoices to the Cardinal ID.

3. 844 Chargebacks – from Cardinal to Supplier and 849 Chargeback Reconciliations – from Supplier to Cardinal: Chargebacks will be calculated by Kinray but sent from Cardinal as of 08/01/11 activity.

4. 845 Contracts – from Supplier to Cardinal: Submit any contracts on or after 08/01/11 to Cardinal.

5. 852 Product Activity Data and 867 Sales Tracings – from Cardinal to Supplier: Cardinal will begin reporting Kinray location activity as of 08/01/11 transactions. Final documents will be sent from Kinray on either 07/30 or 07/31, depending upon your frequency.

6. 856 Advances Ship Notices – from Supplier to Cardinal: As with the Invoices, please submit any ASNs against Kinray-issued PO’s to Kinray and any against Cardinal-issued PO’s to Cardinal.

For existing Kinray Trading Partners New to Cardinal
Per previous communications, if EDI testing has not been completed with Cardinal on any documents, please refer to our earlier EDI-specific communication, sent 07/12/11, for document dispositions, also attached.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact VendorEDI@cardinalhealth.com or call 614 757 5334.

Thank you.

Cardinal Health Pharmaceutical VendorEDI Group
Phone 614 757 5334

Download Documents:
Cardinal Health accounts payable_SRT Contact List 7-5-11.pdf
Kinray supplier letter_July21.pdf
Cardinal Health accounts payable_SRT Contact List 7-5-11.pdf
Kinray supplier letter_July21.pdf

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